Update #1: 6-21-2021 Update Letter

Update #2: 6-28-2021 Update Letter

Update #3: 7-06-2021 Update Letter

Update #4: 7-13-2021 Update Letter

Update #5: 7-21-2021 Update Letter

Here’s a few tips and links to help you run a successful campaign…

Your Campaign Photo

If you haven’t already, email the photo you want to appear on the ballot to aaron@LongGroveHistory.org. Something square or that we could crop square probably works best, but really, send us whatever photo you think works best.

If this photo is of both you and your dog (understandable as some of your voters may be more familiar with what you look like, rather than your dog), you might consider also sending in a photo of just your dog (a headshot is probably best, but we’ll take whatever you have). We imagine creating some cool, candidate specific graphics to promote the election and would like to include your dog in that.

Your Campaign on the Web

Basic/Easy Peasy: When we notify you that you’re “live” on the ballot, we’ll include a link to your candidate page on our LongGroveHistory.org. That’s the link you’ll prefer to share with your family and friends, as it will automatically have your candidate picture and have selected your dog as their voting choice. For example, to share on Facebook, look for the F on the left side of the page, or on your candidate picture.

Slightly More Work: If you’re feeling creative and your dog wants to make some sort of statement (more fire hydrants in town!), you can send us a paragraph of text and we’ll post it on your candidate page.

Advanced/More Work:┬áIf for some reason you feel limited by the easy things above, you certainly could create your own custom campaign page elsewhere on the web. Be sure to put a link (or several) to your official candidate page at LongGroveHistory.org so your fans can cast their vote. This custom campaign page could be a new Facebook page, or it could be a free page created with something like Weebly. You could even start a blog for you campaign at WordPress. If you do create something external, send us a link and we’ll add it to your candidate page.

How to Share

Emailing family and friends your candidate page link is simple and direct. If you have a social media following, you’ll definitely want to post voting encouragement there. On your social posts, tag @LGHist and @ShopDineLG to tap into the the social networks of the Long Grove Historical Society and the Long Grove downtown merchants. Throw in a #LongGroveDogMayor if you have room.


Don’t hesitate to drop an email to aaron@LongGroveHistory.org. This is our first year doing this, so there will undoubtedly be a bit of fumbling around and trying to sort out what works and what doesn’t, so let us know how it’s going or if something has you stumped.