The Long Grove Historical Society was formed in March, 1974, to accept the Drexler Tavern building as a gift. A joint project with the Village Board made possible the relocation of the tavern to a site behind the current Kildeer Countryside School. Today we know the building not as Drexler Tavern, but simply as Village Hall. Two additional structures have also been relocated to this area – one of the area’s one room schoolhouses, Archer School, and a mid-1800’s barn, Ruth Barn. The school and the barn form the core of the program we run each year for our local schools, so that our children can experience first hand what life used to be like in Long Grove. Last, but not least, a mid-1800’s farm house was relocated to an area bordering the southwest corner of the Stemple Parking lot. “The Farmhouse”, as we refer to it, houses our archives, a meeting room, and several restored “period” rooms that we open occasionally for tours. In addition to maintaining the above properties and our educational programs, we actively acquire items of local historic interest for our archives and conduct a variety of historical programs for current residents. We are a 501C3 charity and receive no tax dollars – existing solely from your contributions and our own fundraising efforts. Thank you for your support!

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