As an all volunteer, privately funded (well… underfunded… 🙂 ) group, we lack the resources to perform family history research or consulting. We have no public archives, aside from what’s on this website. We do not have any original records for the Long Grove area – those are held in other institutions.

We love getting pictures and old stories of old Long Grove, so if you have some to share – please send them our way. We do occasionally collaborate with a family history researcher on research and document items of significance.

The definitive history of Long Grove area families is called Long Grove Lore and Legend. New copies may be purchased at the Long Grove Information Center and used copies can often be found on eBay. Copies can also be found in local Long Grove area libraries, of course. Here’s a link to an index we put together of the book:

Index to Long Grove Lore and Leged

Additionally, we are always posting old newsletters and historical articles on this site – use google to search your interest with the following link: Google Site Search Link

So if you’re tempted to drop us an email to inquire if we know anything about your great-great-uncle Bob… there’s no need. We’ll just refer you to this page, where you can check the above indexes. However, if you’ve been told that your great-great-uncle Bob wrote the Army Air Corps theme song while visiting his sister in Long Grove… by all means let’s talk!