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2021 Long Grove Dog Mayor Candidate Snowy

Known to his friends as Snowy, Mr. Snow has all the qualifications to serve as the Dog Mayor of Long Grove.  His bark is authoritative and his doggie whine is pathetic.  Oh,  I meant endearing.  He is able  to rest at will, preparing his thoughts and gathering his strength for meetings and events.  He listens intently, obviously pondering the merits of each request, making sure the personal reward—oh, I meant benefit to the community— will be suitable.    His greatest quality is his ability to teach us the appropriate behavior to “treat” the Mayor you love.  He is familiar with the sights and sounds and smells of Long Grove and is particularly  fond of our scenic trails.  He has left his mark on all of them.  Sacrificing himself for his constituents Snowy recently discovered a skunk to whom he made it clear it was time to “get outta town”.   The skunk obliged but not before he left a remembrance.