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2021 Long Grove Dog Mayor Candidate Maisey Mae

While Maisey cannot speak human, she is eminently capable of staring and sending her thoughts until she is sure she is understood.  Fond  of walking the many paths in Long Grove, Maisey  understands the need to preserve open spaces for the enjoyment of all its  citizens whether they have four legs or two.  She puts her sniffer to work making sure  all resident wildlife is present even though they may choose not be seen by those scary humans.  Maisey does not take no for an answer and works diligently until she gets her way—uh, achieves her goal.  Maisey  has a coat of many colors and welcomes citizens to express their love with a back scratch  or a belly rub.  She feels it her duty to drive through our downtown area making certain all is well .  This includes a stop at the Long Grove Coffee Shop where she patiently waits for her drivers to bring out an iced latte.  And then a stroll through Epilogue to fill out her wish list of treasures should any of her adoring constituents choose to recognize her with a graft—no gift.  Of course no day is complete with a safety check of the covered bridge.