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Long Grove Union Hall used to occupy the space where this gravel parking lot is. From 1900 until 1951 this was the site of the Long Grove Union or Town Hall. Dances, plays, meetings and church suppers were held here for half a century. It burned down in 1951, despite the fire department being practically next door. Ironically, the fire department was attending a dance in another town that night. By the time of the fire, the building had been converted to a factory that made wooden ducks, and the materials related to that manufacturing were thought to have hastened the blaze. The original creation of the building was rather unique – a company was formed and local entrepreneurs bought shares in order to raise the construction and operating capital. They received dividends from the proceeds of events that would use the facility. Next up on our tour is the Zimmer Hotel Building, right next door, building number #1.
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