2015 Ghost Walk

The Long Grove Historical Society's Third Annual Ghost Walk will be held Friday night, October 28th from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. The event is family friendly and involves a haunted 45 minute walk through the historic downtown. Required donation of $5/adult and $3/child. Reservations are required and space is limited.


How long is the walk? 45 minutes. Maybe a wee bit longer if we're really having fun.

How does the walk work? You and 15 or so other victims, are led on a walk around the historic downtown by a costumed guide. At about a half a dozen locations you'll stop for a few minutes to meet some characters from Long Grove's past. Some of their tales seem to jive pretty closely with real history, but other parts seem like they're lavishly embellished. They're old and dead so we cut them some slack.

What does WAA mean (e.g. FAQWAA)? FAQ With An Attitude :-)

Is it appropriate for kids? Yes, it's family appropriate. You will be scared at times, and maybe creeped out a little, but in a fun way.

Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers? No, they eat the fingers separately.

Can I bring my dog on the walk? No.

What if it rains? That's why you bring an umbrella... the event will happen regardless of weather.

Where do I park? Archer Parking Lot in downtown Long Grove.

Do I have to pay for my two year old? Anyone below Kindergarten is free.

My kid is a sophmore in high school, but he's really small. Do I have to pay the adult or kid price? Adult - high school age and up are considered adults in our ghost walk.

Do you have an address for my GPS? Enzo and Lucia Restaurant, 343 Old McHenry Rd, Long Grove, IL will get you real close to the walk check-in and the parking lot.

I bought a non-refundable ticket, but now can't come - can I get a refund on my non-refundable ticket? No, but we appreciate the donation.

Is the walk handicap accessible? No.

I have a group of a dozen people - there's no reservation slot with enough space left for us... what do I do? If you don't want to split up across two times, email admin@LongGroveHistory.org and we'll see if we can work something out.

I have a question that's not listed here? Email admin@LongGroveHistory.org and we'll get you an answer.

Is FAQWAA a real thing or did you just make it up? Just made it up. The internet has lots of monkeys with typewriters, so we might not be the first...

Why do I need a reservation? We don't want everyone to have to wait around in the weather in a queue for an hour awaiting an open spot. Last year no shows were minimal... so your odds of just showing up and going are not good.

What do you call a ghost with a broken leg? A hoblin goblin.

If I just show up without a reservation, can I go on the walk? Maybe. We'll try to work you in when we have no-shows.

Ghost Walk Cast