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The Long Grove Community Church is one of Long Grove's most historic buildings. Originally the church was known as The German United Evangelical Lutheran Reformed Church of Long Grove. Records in German date from 1846, the corner stone was laid in 1847, and the first service in the completed sanctuary in 1848. Services in German continued up until the First World War With minimum renovation over the years, it is the original structure with 20 feet added along with a bell tower extension in the 1870's, new windows and a portico in the 1930's, and additions to the rear over the years since.
The addition to the west rear was the former German school, a separate building moved to accommodate a Sunday school when it was no longer used as the German Catechism School. The Church's original bell was presented to the German speaking congregation by their English speaking neighbors as an early ecumenical gesture. Back in the day, the bell would ring at noon to bring farmers in for their meal and was rung on the occasion of a member's death – one ring for each year the deceased had lived. West of the Church is the cemetery where many of the original settlers of Long Grove are buried. Note the interesting ironwork of the old arched gateway. Beginning in the 1970's, the combination of the picturesque church, bridge, historic buildings, and banquet facilities all within walking distance made Long Grove a sought out wedding destination. Our next stop is building#28, and is located on the far side of Stempel parking lot. To get there, head back to the crossroads and immediately after you cross under the bridge, look for an entrance drive to the parking lot on your right. If you're adventurous and the mosquitos are at bay, you can also hike "Covered Bridge Trail" which also leads to the Stempel parking lot.
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