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With your back to the crossroads, The Eisler Cider and Grist Mill/Dynamite Shop was formerly located across the creek on the left bank. While the Cider and Grist operations were the primary function of this "ghost" building, the proprietor, Jake Eisler, was perhaps more infamous for his dynamiting skills. Jake could be called upon to use dynamite to clear large rocks or stumps. He had a reputation for using too much explosive – on one occasion lofting a stump onto and through the Village Tavern roof. When Route 53 was being built, Jake badly wanted the job of removing the stumps from the proposed roadway, but ran into some disagreements with the road construction manager - a Mr. Capsule from Deerfield. When the front porch of Mr. Capsule's home was blown up with dynamite… Jake was immediately suspected, convicted, and imprisoned. And while it would be make a nice story to say that the old mill eventually blew up due to some unstable dynamite… as near as village elders can recall it simply became dilapidated and was torn down.
The next stop is a bit of a walk, with your back to the crossroads, the white structures down the road on the right hand side which comprise the Long Grove Community Church. It's the last tour stop on this end of town, so you can either walk down and take a look, or simply press NEXT STOP now to learn about it from where you stand.
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