Bollenbach Blacksmith Shop

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Building #44, the Bollenbach Blacksmith and Wagon Shop, which formerly at the address of 111 Old McHenry Road. It was probably around 1870 when Charles built his own shop and manufactured all classes of carriages, buggies, and wagons. He also began an association with a fellow Alsatian immigrant and blacksmith – George Umbdenstock, who took over the "smithy" duties of the late Daniel Rose. The Bollenbach building was the largest in town until 1900 and the upstairs was often used for community functions. Charles turned the business over to his son Louis when he retired in 1900. In turn, George Umbdenstock passed along his smithy duties to George Jr. When Lake County widened McHenry Road 1946, the Bollenbach building was moved around the intersection west on Coffin Road to become a three apartment complex. It now houses a number of shops and no longer resembles its former self. The cement block building presently residing at 111 Old McHenry Road was built in 1946 by George Jr. as a blacksmith shop and garage. Continue on down the street, away from the crossroads to the tavern, building #45. Click Next Stop when you arrive.
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