Rose Blacksmith Shop

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The next two historical buildings require a bit of imagination, as they no longer exist. The Rose Blacksmith Shop, was formerly at the address of 404 Robert Parker Coffin Road. Long Grove's first "smithy" was Daniel Strunk Rose. Daniel was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Long Grove with his mother and father (who was also a Blacksmith) around 1847. In the late 1850’s, Daniel took on a young teenage apprentice, Charles Bollenbach, who had recently emigrated from Alsac. Charles lived with the Roses and eventually became a formal partner and opened up his own shop next door. Charles, who was a bachelor, took some time off to fight in the Civil War. Chares’ brother, who was drafted and had a wife and young children, paid Charles to take his place in the war. Daniel Rose died in 1870. The next stop is building 44, which is the building next door, as you walk in the direction of the Village Tavern.
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