Stempel General Store

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The Stempel General Store, at 302 Old McHenry Road is Long Grove’s original General Store. It was built by Charles Stempel in 1855. The windows have been changed, but the false front exterior with porch retains its original character. As you face the front door of the structure, on the right side of the building there used to be a loading platform where farmers could deliver goods for sale, or load goods they had purchased. The connecting building to the left of the store, is the pre-Civil War Stempel home. The home was originally a separate structure, and was attached to the store in the 1950’s. The original shopkeeper, Charles Stempel was a Republican and the competing General Store across the street behind you was run by the Sauer family, who were Democrats. The location of the Long Grove post office would move back and forth between the two general stores based on which political party was in power. Illinois Governor John Altgeld, who was elected in 1893, gave a speech on the Stempel Store steps during his election campaign. If you’re curious why Long Grove was chosen as a location for his speech, press the MORE button below. The next stop is building #43, across Robert Parker Coffin road to your right. Proceed there and press NEXT STOP below when you arrive.
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