The Quentin House

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The Quentin House, 340 Old McHenry Road. Our first stop is just south of the crossroads at what was most recently known as the Red Oaks furniture store. This home was built circa 1860 by the village cheesemaker, George Quentin. It was subsequently owned by several families – Lemker, Rupert, and Cordes before being purchased by the Herschberger's in 1918. In 1963, Bob McNitt purchased it and transformed it into the Red Oaks Furniture store. The original part is the two-story section with a porch facing Old McHenry Road. There have been many additions in the transition from a residence to a business. With the front of the Quentin House to your back, across the street and to your right is our next building, building #21, which is probably best viewed from this side of the street, so simply press NEXT STOP now to continue.
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