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The Sauer General Store, building #17 at 303 Old McHenry Road sits prominently on the crossroads. After rehabilitating in Chicago from his civil war injuries, Chris Sauer came back to Long Grove to build his own mercantile establishment at the crossroads. This became Long Grove's second general store and competed with the original store across the street. Urban legend has it that the two store owners used to meet every morning in the middle of the street to agree on the prices for the day. This structure was destroyed by fire in 1916, but another was built on its foundation and is what you see standing today. The bar to the rear was built about 1870 to house their animals, wagons and supplies. Later the old Sauer summer kitchen and tool shed were added onto this structure. The next stop is building #33, which sits on the corner across the street on your left as you would proceed towards the bridge. If this is where you started your tour – congratulations – you've made it to the end. Otherwise, proceed to building #33 and press NEXT STOP.
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