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The Long Grove Creamery and Cheese Factory sits at 240 Robert Parker Coffin Road. The first building on this site was constructed in 1879, but was destroyed by fire in 1897. It was immediately replaced with a more up-to-date plant. One resident remembered as many as 100 wagons coming in on a busy day. Its superior grade cheese found a market in Chicago and Long Grove Creamery Butter was sold as far away as New York City. In 1908, one of the "mega" dairies, Bowman's Dairy from Gurnee, bought out the Creamery, and continued to operate it into the 1920's. These large dairies eventually controlled enough of the milk market to drive the price paid to farmers so low that strikes were called and the farmers would "spill" their milk as a way of forcing higher prices. The situation got out of hand when the depression hit in the 1930's, and the government interceded by establishing pricing controls (which continue to this day). Bowman's was bought out by Dean's in the 1960's. In the 1970's, the Long Grove Village Government offices were located in this building. Rumor has it that there was even a make shift jail cell in the building at that time. Head back up to the crossroads and turn towards the bridge – you'll want to be on the right side of the street as you face the bridge. Building #44 is on that side of the street - press NEXT STOP when you make the turn towards the bridge at the crossroads.
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