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The Ritzenthaler Farmhouse, 132 Old McHenry Road sits behind behind the flag pole and the large empty lot known as Towner Green. This farmhouse was the former residence of William Umbdenstock. Note the brackets on the window to the side of the house and the detailed trim on the porch post. When O'Hare airport was created in 1947, it displaced the Chicago Golf Club (now known as Twin Orchards Country Club). Looking for a new location, they chose the Ritzenthaler Farm in Long Grove, which lies a short distance to the northwest of the downtown. The club offered to a local businessman, William Umbdenstock, that he could have the old farmhouse on the property at no charge, provided he could move it to a new location in 30 days. He succeeded in getting it moved and made it his home. The flag pole is perhaps the most infamous one in Lake County. One of Long Grove's more notorious residents in the 1930's was Chicago gangster "Terrible Terry" Druggan. He owned a farm outside of town on Long Grove road. He erected a giant (100 feet tall) flag pole, which was visible a mile away on Rand Road. His lieutenants would use it to signal Terry if he were to stay away from the property. A lightning strike cut the pole in half in the early 1950's. The enterprising Mr. Umbdenstock salvaged the top forty feet and dedicated it in a Fourth of July (1954) ceremony in honor of his father and Civil War veteran, Mathias Umbdenstock. Mathias also served in place of a draftee, and received the equivalent of $15,000 in today's dollars for doing so. Continue on to our next stop, building #6, which is the next structure on the main road as you head towards the crossroads. Press NEXT STOP when you arrive.
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