Calling all Long Grove Area Kindergarten through 8th Graders!

  • Create a beautiful picture of our covered bridge!  Be sure to go visit the bridge to get a good view of it, but a link to pictures of the bridge is included at the bottom of this page.
  • Feel free to use your imagination – your artwork doesn’t need to be a rendition of just the bridge, although that is totally fine. You can tell a story: Who might be crossing it? What time in history? What season is it? Who might be under it? What just happened?
  • Be sure to clearly label the back of your submission with your name, school, and grade and…
  • …be sure to meet the deadline as the judges will begin judging the entries right away.
  • Judges will include a former art teacher, and a member of the Long Grove Artists Guild, among others.
  • If you need more information, please email
  • Remember, top entries will win prizes and …
  • …tell all your friends, because the more entries we have the more we will be able to display around downtown Long Grove during our festivals in 2018!

Here’s a printable flyer about the contest: Art-Contest-Covered-Bridge-Flyer

Here’s a google image search which will give you lots of pictures of the bridge: Google Image Search Long Grove Covered Bridge